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Welcome To Mangalam :: Multi Speciality Ayurveda Hospital & Panchkarma Research Centre

Mangalam Ayurveda Hospital & Panchkaram Research Centre is one of the reliable Service Providers known for Panchkaram Therapy, Gynaecological Care , Ayurvedic Beauty Care and Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Diseases. We have a unique centre for Rejuvenation therapy, Panchkarma therapy, Beauty therapy, Ksharsutra therapy, Hair treatment, Stress treatment, Diabetes treatment, Psoriasis treatment and Obesity treatment. This hospital also have authentic tretatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOD/PCOS) after a long research . Our hospital brings a 5000 year old pealing  system of medicine in present er with modern tools and techniques. This is the reason for our long lasting relationships with our customers. We have won the faith of our patients.

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